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There are no stimulants in the gummies?

Kodagenix Pump Gummies are Stimiulant free. This product is all about muscle pumps and muscular endurance without the energy. Perfect for nighttime workouts and those seeking to maximize their pump in the gym.

A stimulant version is in the works!

How Many Gummies do I need to take?

Consume One gummy 15-20 minutes before each workout. do not exceed two gummies in a 24 hour period.

Pump gummies can be taken alone or stacked with your favorite Preworkout.

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How do the gummies work?

Pump Gummies consist of a sublingual formula, have you ever dry scooped preworkout? Similar to a dry scoop, But way better tasting, It offers a formula without diluting any of the ingredients giving you the best results possible.

Still not sure about kodagenix?

Try it before you buy it!

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